Really Slow lowDB

So, iam using LowDB to save some info about my BOT,
so i do it like that:

const low = require('lowdb')
const FileSync = require('lowdb/adapters/FileSync')
const adapter = new FileSync(__dirname +'db.json')
const db = low(adapter)

db.defaults({ posts: [], user: {}, count: 0 }).write()
db.set('streamcraft', []).write()
db.set('twitter', []).write()
db.set('youtube', []).write()

Well everything goes fine aside from the fact that the file take a long time to update, wich make it unusable, is this a problem with lowDBor Glitch ? how can i fix it?

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Everything I’ve found.

Actually, everyone, who is making Discord bots on Node.js uses package called quick.db. It’s very easy to use, however it is not that powerful, as MongoDB, etc. I would recommend using Cloud Firestore in Firebase because it does very well on queries, comples requests (and it has cool dashboard!).

So, try to install quick.db and I think there won’t be any problems with it.