Rebuilding on every keypress + logs window open = frequent lockups

When typing code, it seems like every keypress immediately triggers a restart of the app. If you have the logs window open you’re constantly getting build errors streaming in (while typing, code tends to be invalid until you’ve finished each statement). All this updating seems to cause the browser to frequently lock for periods.

Here’s a screenshot from the Chrome profile tab which shows frames between ranging from 280ms to 486ms while I was typing a line of code.

I’m running on Chrome OS (Chrome 49, 64bit) on a Dell Chromebook 11 with (Celeron 2955U, 4GB RAM).

In my case this happened when there was heavy “meta-” console logging. If you clear the log, performance temporarily picks back up (until something else logs heavily)

We did make some changes to improve logging performance, but it sounds like there’s still a bit more we could do… I’ve captured this and we’ll take a closer look :eyes:

Thanks for the report!

I’ve just released another optimization to high volume logs. It should be better but there is still more that can be done in the future. Let us know how it’s working for you :slight_smile:

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