reCAPTCHA error every time I open the editor

Using Chrome, every time I go to edit projects on glitch, about 30-45 seconds after the editor loads up, a huge section of my window is replaced with a box that has the following text in it:

Could not connect to the reCAPTCHA service. Please check your internet connection and reload to get a reCAPTCHA challenge.


I get no reCAPTCHA challenges, just the error. I’ve disabled my ad blocker, turned off pop-up blocking, and so forth.

Looking in console, I see the following errors:

Uncaught (in promise) Timeout [/edit/#!/websocket-webrtc-chat-with-stats?path=public%2Fclient.js%3A261%3A17:1]
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 429 (Too Many Requests) [12:53:08.662]

This problem is not occurring for me in Firefox, however.

Any idea what’s up?

Eric Shepherd
Senior Technical Writer
MDN Web Docs

429 (Too Many Requests)

Wait a few hours and try again. Recaptcha thinks you/glitch is spamming.


I suppose you can block the error box with your ad blocker. Maybe see if other recaptcha sites work?

It seems you are getting rate limited not from Google, but from Sentry.

I think they are using one of the two invisible CAPTCHAs (challenge or score) so you won’t get challenged

Usually when I get the error it’s similar to a Javascript Alert