Reconnecting error

Hello sorry for bad english the project is constantly reconnecting gives error when I try to change something disk full error also gives help

Hey @Emre, sorry for the bother! If you’re still having trouble can you provide your project name so we can take a closer look?
There is another error in the screenshot

Hey @Emre thanks for the additional info. Your project’s git repo is taking up too much space, so I’ve granted some additional space for the next 24 hours for you to resolve the issue. When a project takes up too much space it can cause behavior like what you’re seeing here.

The info in Glitch full disk error may help you fix the problem and prevent it from recurring.

Could you check the additional space did not come @cori

@cori are you there :thinking::thinking:

Sorry about that, @Emre; not sure what happened there, but I’ve re-resized your project and verified it. Please let us know if you run into problems!

Thank you my problem solved

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