[REDIRECTED] Accidently added domain and left

I added a domain to a bot I was making, instead of my real projject.
But, I didn’t copy the cname thing and deleted the project. After understanding what happened, I un deleted the project.
Project Name: emphasized-ubiquitous-value
Domain Name: lukewarmcat.codes
Please remove the domain.

Hey @lukewarmcat, you can email support@glitch.com to remove your custom domain! :slight_smile:


As I know, it’s sometimes faster to get support on here than on their email.

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You’re right, but sadly, Glitch no longer accepts custom domain removals in the forum:

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Asking here, can I use a custom domain for sending a email, and hope it does not go in their spam folder? [SMTP server: tilde.club / webmail.tilde.club]

It’s okay, I guess. Expect an automated reply from them.

Will send the same content here on their Email.

I’ve gotten the automated ticket thing, and now time to wait.

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