Reduce animation in coding interface

When I try to use Glitch’s coding interface, there is a permanently animated UI element by the Tools menu, the Logs option in the tools menu, and the sidebar in its collapsed state, which I find very distracting and undesirable when trying to write code. Despite being small and relatively slow-moving, this is still an accessibility issue (see for instance–cms-32038,

Other animations on the website, such as when loading a project, cause similar problems but are easier to avoid since I don’t need to interact with these pages.

Please allow Glitch users to turn off these animations, or (preferably in my opinion) just remove them entirely. I understand that Glitch wants to be an inclusive & supportive community, and accommodating your disabled and neurodivergent members will be an important part of that.

Thanks for this feedback! We did make sure to consider our users’ prefers-reduced-motion settings for the formatting and bookmarks features that we launched last year, but we did not consider that we should also be doing that for something like the loading animations that you’re describing. Will add this to our backlog - it’s certainly something that we care about so thanks for bringing it to our attention.