Refresh all browsers including remote

If I open a new window with the same browser it refreshes with changes. If for example I am working on Chrome and I open FireFox or Safari those browsers do not update. Is that possible?

I would like to make changes locally and have people on a remote location see the changes live without having to refresh.

To make that work, you would have to change the way your site works - it couldn’t just be static HTML. You would have to add a timer in the client-side JS that checks for changes and causes the page to reload if changes are detected.

Makes sense, but I am curios of how currently glitch supports auto reload the same browser when changes are made vs accessing with other browser.

When you click “Show Live”, the Glitch editor creates the other tab that displays the website, and it still has a handle to that window. Then, when you make changes, the editor can tell that tab to reload using the handle. If you create a new tab on your own and point it at your application in the same browser, the editor won’t know about it, and won’t reload it when you make changes.

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Thanks for the confirmation. I was looking for something like “” but I think I can come up with a work around on a local instance.