Refresh App on Changes


I had an idea for the Refresh App on Changes feature for websites. Every time I’m on a page other than the index.html page it redirects to the index.html page. This is sometimes pretty frustrating when I’m working on a page that isn’t the index.html page and I have to turn it off. Then I have to continually refresh the page to update its content which takes a lot longer the more I refresh it. I think it would be really helpful if the Refresh App on Changes feature would stop redirecting us to the index page and instead just refresh the page we’re editing. This would help a lot.


ideally that’s how it’d work, as I understand it, the issue is a technical/security browser limitation of what control a parent window (the editor) has over a child window (your app). The editor can tell your app window to refresh, but there’s no way for the editor to know what url your app window is actually on without injecting code into your app, or requiring you to use some glitch specific code.


There also may be something going wrong with your app - it shouldn’t take longer the more you refresh it.


@Tim I’m assuming that it’s because of the cookies. Normally whenever I visit my site without refreshing it loads quickly, but every time I refresh it takes a little longer.

@pketh this happens with all browsers I use (Chrome, Firefox, Safari). I don’t think it would need to know what URL it’s at, just what HTML file you’re editing.


in the case of frontend only website projects the assumption that my-other-page.html refers to /my-other-page in the app makes sense. For node projects we can’t make that assumption because templates are served by routes so the names could be anything, or the user could be editing a partial template/include. What kind of project are you working on? Alternatively, what’s the url of it?


It’s not one specific website, it’s all of mine that I work on. But the one I was working on was CalKyanite for a friend.


In the case of websites, we’ll add the ability for the editor to refresh the current page to our roadmap. Thanks