Refresh deletes .json content

I don’t know what’s wrong but every time I refresh a project via terminal, certain specific files always get its content deleted. Please help me :confused:

Also, I just got booted out the project editor. Seems like project availability dropped to zero again.

Yes, Glitch is facing an outage right now. Does only the .json files get deleted?

Any ideas why every time I hit refresh, some files’ content get deleted tho? :frowning: I’ve experience this a lot of times but right now, my player data’s .json got wiped out and I have no idea why

Very strange…@glitch_support?

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I did face this once but I thought it was because of a previous outage.

All files in a Glitch project are persistent and that is not supposed to happen.

Well prob is, the file’s content always get deleted for some reason. Not the file, but the content.

Let’s see what @glitch_support has to say about this…

I think you’re using player’s data .json to store some kind of data dynamically. If that’s the case then, I guess the problem is due to the recent outages.

As per what I’ve seen, the dynamic contents aren’t updated as soon as it happens on localhost. It takes ~5 min for them to be stored permanently in .txt or .json files :wink:

Hmm I see. I tried to access the project again and tried to refresh but the content of the files are still blank. Anyway to recover the files tho? :frowning:

rewind? check your local backups? or pushed repo content?

If your data is dynamic, then I don’t think you can recover it, unfortunately. :neutral_face:

BUT, if you haven’t done any manual changes to .json file, then you still have a chance to recover it. May the odds be in your favor.

So it happened again; 2 json file’s content was erased, without me even touching the project. I just noticed that the bot wasn’t working and when I checked the project, it gave me parsing error on 2 json files, making it unable to run. Turns out 2 json file’s content was erased. Any help? Thank you.

I think it could be related to your code. Can I have your project name?