Refreshing Deletes Everything


I have a problem here. When my glitch page refreshes it automatically deletes all the content in my app.js file which is used to start my project. As well as no errors or any warnings. Just fully deletes everything then the refreshing icon moves away. There wasn’t any way of getting it back except that I made a backup before this issue occurred to me. Therefore I had to use that. Please fix this as fast as possible. Thank you.


Hi :slight_smile:

We are sorry to hear this! Can you tell us your project name so that we can take a look? I can’t reproduce this issue on my projects. Thanks!


Sure my project name is gentle-curler-bot.

Thank you for the fast response.


The project is private, so I can’t look at it right now. Can you make it public? Otherwise I’ll check it later


Hello sir,
It is now public.

Thank you


Hi :slight_smile:

the reason why app.js gets cleared is that your project has a full disk, so the write operation fails. We try to make sure that no data is lost in this situation where possible, but you should be getting a warning in the Logs panel about this, and you should take action.


How can I increase my storage capability? Or what can I remove that won’t affect my project.


I’ve sent you a PM with instructions.