Refused to connect

I’m receiving an error when I try to show a project (e.g.

The error is " This site can’t be reached refused to connect."

Can you please verify what is the problem?

It’s most likely a issue with your internet provider, I could test the site just fine.

Same as @God – it’s loading for me, and the console is logging out ‘hi’ per the default. @johnfrancobuz when you try to show the project, do you do it alongside the editor, or in a separate page (or both?)

Hi, thanks for the update.
I’m having the same issue both if I open it in a new window on alongside the editor.
I realised the problem is with every project.
So it seems it’s a DNS problem, I can resolve glitch[dot]com, but I cannot resolve glitch[dot]me (and every ).
I tested using both my home Internet connection and by using a couple of different mobile phone hotspots

Is there any other information I can give you to further analyse the problem?

I did another test. If I use the home internet and I got assigned 151.27.4.XX IP address, I cannot resolve
If I use for example a VPN (I got from the company I work for) and got assigned a 141.143.213.XX address, I can resolve

So for example, using the home Internet connection with NO VPN:

Using the same home internet connection but with the VPN on works perfectly

Any suggestion?

@johnfrancobuz So what I am thinking is that you are in Italy. And for some reason ISPs have been blocking So I recommend going to and have that as your DNS. ( is a website IP)

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Thanks so much, it worked.
One question: I have been using glitch since a long time without any problem. Then yesterday I suddenly experienced this problem.
Do you think it’s a temporary problem or for some reason the ISP have decided to block ?
(I know probably I shoud ask this question to ISP :slight_smile: )

From other posts in the forum (admittedly a small data set) it seems like they might be blocking sites? @cori had a post about it recently in this thread that might prove helpful!

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