Relative links in markdown files


I’m building a workshop using Glitch with a series of exercises outlined using markdown files. I would like to link to other markdown files in these files. It currently looks like an absolute link is needed, but this causes issues when the project is remixed. Is there a way to relatively link to a file in markdown so that it’s preserved after the project is remixed? I don’t want to link back to the starter project.


Are you referring to links to other files within the editor view, like If so, that’s not currently possible due to our url structure and the page doesn’t know the remixed project name, which is only accessible server-side.


Right. So I have the and other markdown files workshop/, workshop/, etc. and I would like to be able to link from one to the other. It just helps with the flow. I can do this with absolute links, but remixing is a problem. And because this is a workshop, remixing is important. So currently I’m just telling them what file to click on.

Is this something that might be available in the future?