Remix button displays poorly on Github in dark mode

The button generated by the online tool has a transparent background, making the button all but unreadable when a user has dark mode enabled.

Example from github:

The image should be changed to have a white background, or shadows/outline on the letters so as to be readable.


Thanks for raising this issue @wanderingstan - I forgot this app even existed, it was still using Gomix cdn links!

I went ahead and updated the button with a white background and new logo. You’ll need to re-generate the code to get it, which doesn’t help those who have already embedded the button, but I’ll work on fixing that too soon.


Thank you!

…Looks like it also needs to be changed on the app that generates from github project:

And aesthetic feedback: The new buttons are larger and with larger text, which looks a bit “loud”.


Okay, I’ll fix that too and file the aesthetic feedback for when we do any brand refreshes in the future!

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