Remix in background?

is there a way to remix a project in the background?, i could be by a new tab in the background or in glitch. The question is… How?

What do you mean remix in the background, like, not get refreshed when you remix it??

i mean @EddiesTech , you press a button and it remixes without going to the page.

It could be a new tab or anything as long as the user is able to stay on the same site

ohh, so you want to target="_blank" ?

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Do you mean to say remix a project from “” itself by pressing a button, without going to the source code / edit page?

Yes, I think that is what he meant. But this might cause issues like “what is the name of the new remixed project” although that can be fixed with a popup.

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That’s what I meant, I want it so:

Press button on site
Remixes project on glitch
Sends popup with details

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You can embed the remix button but add target=’_blank’ to it

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@17lwinn You can also add rel=noopener so the user doesn’t lose their place in the page

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@EddiesTech how can I get it to close the editor tab once the remix is complete?

I give you hints. Hints are good hints. Hints will help you with what you want.

Here are hints:

  • You send postage. Postage is request, yes? Send postage to special URL.
  • Special URL is for API. It has version. Only one version so you should know. Is one. Version one.
  • You want postage to go to place with project. Project is with all other projects.
  • How to know what project to remix? You need thing to identify project. Not name though. Neighbor is Bob but so is brother. Bob is not unique. You need unique. Universally unique.
  • When postage get to mailroom, it need place to go. Mailmen track down filing cabinet for project. Inside filing cabinet are folders. Postage has address for folder you want. You say something about remix?

There are hints.

Oh. Almost forgot. You need postage header. Put special key in header. Key is made for you. Is to unlock mailbox where new project go. You have passcode, yes? You have key. Is for API.

Send postage in computer terminal. Is nothing fancy. Do bicep curl to send though. Yes, bicep curl. Do curl. You need lesson on how to curl? Is easy. Use curling machine—thing called “browser”—to find how to curl.

Need to hit head with hammer? Look for “23523” with search. You find breadcrumb. Even better breadcrumb is solution to “24361” (thanks to time machine, you find number in search too).

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Okay, thanks for the hints! :smiley:

@17lwinn I come from future. You find solution.

Hmmm time travel eh?

Ok, must be the chicken I just ate that is causing me to see stuff that’s really confusing. :joy::rofl::sweat_smile:

Now I’m confused whether it’s a normal postman or the Postman API builder.

@khalby786 What is this postman? Is man who posts?

You need simple postage. Is type of request. Is postage request. You say “post” and it go postage.

You do curl like this.

I say too much.

Postman is software to test APIs by sending them requests that you can customise.

What happend to you @RA80533?

we’re all just working hard not to give too spoon-feed-y answers

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