Remix not working

Hello guys, there are some problems on my Glitch account.

First, I created a new Github account and login Glitch with my Github account.

Then I got some projects (materials from my school course) and remixed them.

However, when I reached about the sixth projects, I got an error message saying “An error occurred when trying to create this project, please try again later.” After that, I cannot remix any projects anymore, even I have already archived all the projects existed.

I have also tried to change another browser, use another computer and I have already created 4 accounts, and the same thing happened again and again.

Therefore, I suspected that I can only get 5 projects maximum within a limit period of time with my normal (unupgraded) account.

Am I right and does anyone has an idea about that?

Thanks in advance.

Your suspicions are incorrect. :wink:

In your dashboard, can you make sure that you have not finished 1000 project hours?

It would be better if you contacted Glitch at

That’s kinda weird, I don’t think there’s any sort of rule where you get to remix only 5 projects, or is there?


Thanks for your kind reply.

I’m sure that I still got project hours cuz I just created the account :joy:

I mean maybe I can only get 5 projects within a limit period of time, for example within one day or two days.

Or I have to work on them after I created them before adding new one. I don’t know if we have to follow some rules like that.

Besides, I noticed that if I upgraded my account, I can boost up to 5 projects.

I know that’s weird so thanks again and I will send an email as well.


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I have received a response from Tasha (a Glitch staff member), and there is a limit, but not on the number of projects you can create/remix. It’s a limit of the time interval. For new users.

This week, we put a restriction on the number of projects/collections/teams a new user can create within the first 48 hours of account creation. This is a short-term measure to prevent a sudden surge of spam we are getting. We are working on deploying a longer-term strategy for this soon.

So I guess your issue will get solved after 48 hours of account creation. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope this helps!



Thanks a lot for the explanation! And it makes sense now.

I will wait for several more hours and I will try again after 48 hours.

Thanks for your work and patience again and wish you a nice day.

Best Regards,

Khaleel Gibran via Glitch Support <> 于2020年10月7日周三 下午8:56写道: