Remix of #Remix4Change hangs with "Loading ..."

I remixed the #Remix4Change template (my project is outstanding-clam), and when I ran it it hung with the message “Loading …”. I realized that I hadn’t put in the API keys, so I followed the instructions and put in keys for REACT_APP_GOOGLE_CIVIC_API, REACT_APP_OPENSTATES_API, and REACT_APP_GEOCODE_API (from Alas, I still get the same result.

I tried bringing up the debugger but it didn’t work. So it’s not obvious what to do.

There’s another environment variable in the .env file not mentioned by the instructions, REACT_APP_GOOGLE_GEOCODE_API, could it have something to do with that?


Sorry for the problems. The base app is having the same issue due to an issue with a third-party API. I’ve flagged it to the team and they’ll resolve when they can.

REACT_APP_GOOGLE_GEOCODE_API looks to be a relic from a prior API the app used and isn’t referenced in the code so isn’t a cause.

Weird! When I first ran into this problem the base app I had just run the base app successfully, and I didn’t think about rechecking it. Thanks for digging into it!

We’ve added some additional error handling so it at least shows something, but the Open States API is still having trouble.

Thanks for the update. I hate software.