"Remix on glitch" button generator?



I would love if there were a way to generate a ‘Remix on Glitch’ button for my projects, and maybe even a ‘View Project’ button, sort of like the buttons I put at the end of this blog post:


Thank you!


Cool post! I loved your VR demos.

I have a change coming out soon that’ll output the remix url for the current project in the console like so:

Another thing we could also do is build a super simple glitch app that lets you put in your glitch project name and get back a remix button snippet like <a href={remixlink}><img src={button-url}></a> (cc @jennschiffer)

Also, we’re in the building phase of a button you can add to the your apps themselves that would auto generate their own view and remix links.


Here’s a quick and ugly app to do that: https://fanatical-alarm.glitch.me/


nice work! my only suggestion is to include an example of the remix button image when you’ve submitted the form. Invite me into https://glitch.com/edit/#!/fanatical-alarm and I can make the change if you’d like :slight_smile:


Thank you for the options and thoughts!

Yeah, I was picturing something like the ‘share’ menus from videos on YouTube, for example, that gives you generated embed code. Generated embed code could include a button with the remix URL already baked in.


I created a quick-and-dirty shields.io-style badge:

Remix on Glitch