"Remix on Glitch" button in footer should have alt text

The button “Remix on Glitch” doesn’t provide screen readers with any information since it doesn’t have any link text.
Adding an alt attribute with value “Remix on Glitch” would solve the problem.

I’d be happy to provide a pull request, but haven’t seen a link to a repo anywhere.

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Thanks for the heads up, Andreas! I just updated the community page and app footer with the proper alt text. If you find that I missed it anywhere, please let me know! :ok_woman:

Hey @jennschiffer, I think there’s another “Remix on Glitch :flags:” button missing alt text at the bottom of the FAQ page.

Thank you for taking a look!

EDIT: Oh looks like there are others on the About, API, and Legal Stuff pages. :sweat_smile:

Thanks - just updated! Those pages all use a global footer so now it all should be covered :pray: