Remix several projects for Slack but no one work. Please help!

Hi there!
Ill try to test several projects that use Slack API, in particular Slack Slash. I did everything carefully according to the Tutorials on and at Glitch projects. But all of this give me errors 403 or 404 at Slack. Ill try slash-dice, slash-blockkit, slack-slash-command-and-dialogs-blueprint
Some thing wrong, I can`t figure out at what side it error: Slack configure or Glitch.

Hey @ant0ny2a, welcome to the Glitch forum!

If you can provide us with the project name for one of the projects you’re working on (your project, not the one it’s been Remixed from) folks might be able to give some specific guidance. There are lots of ways a projects might go wrong, so dealing with the specific project and error message you’re running into is the best place to start in order to get useful help!

Thanks for reply!
One of:
Is that enough?

hey @ant0ny2a! You might want to replace this link with just the project name (so that people can see the project but not edit.)

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Ok, replaced with name only.
But this only remix from original project, nothing changed.
How I can ask the author of project?

Ok @ant0ny2a, thanks for the project name.

I see the project you referenced is a Remix of ~slash-dice, and that it has a README file with steps to take to set it up. I suspect you’re running into the error you mention while you’re working through those steps - can you help us understand how far you’re able to get?

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I took all steps to end:
create app in Slack, add slash command /dice and set URL;
set Signing Secret key to .env file;
set in OAuth Scopes commands is enable;
but test /dice in Slack return me: /dice failed with the error “403_client_error”

Wow! /dice is working :smiley:
I note small different: in Readme writed “” for URL, I correct my URL in Slash Command with “” and command work.
There is such wisdom: when something goes wrong, tell someone what you are doing, then you will understand :grinning: Even if your :smirk_cat: is your listener.

Thanks to all!