Remixed Project - Not Working After Clicking Remix

Hi Guys,

I just remixed the following project, and could not get it to work…

Since this site is to encourage new developers, I blindly assumed that the remix button is meant to completely replicate the project and give you a working fork of the project. Is this the case?

Do I click the “Add package” button and install all the suggested packages? (Tried It didn’t work…)


Hey - some projects require you to add some details like API keys after remixing for them to work. The mongodb example you’re looking to use uses a third-party hosted mongodb at and so needs your database credentials. Some limited instructions to get it working are included in the .env file.

An easier database example to get started with if you don’t specifically require Mongo is the one for NeDB and it has no third-party dependency.!/project/ne-db


Ahh I see now, so there’s some secret credentials that aren’t copied when remixing. I will have a look at that project. Thanks for your help!