Remixing a messenger bot - callback URL doesn't work when setting up webhook?

I am EXTREMELY new to Glitch and have very very minimal coding/development skills, so I’m aware that this could be a frustrating question. I’m dinking around with remixing a FB messenger bot, and am already stuck setting up the webhook callback URL.

Here’s the error I’m getting:

I ctrl+c’d in my project’s publish URL with /webhook attached, but FB isn’t satisfied and won’t let me verify and save. What am I doing wrong?


Hmm… it could be a few things. Just to check - did you set the VERIFY_TOKEN value in your Glitch project’s .env file with the same value you used for the Verify Token in the screenshot above? What do you see in the logs in Glitch when you’re trying to verify the page?

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Updating the VERIFY_TOKEN value in the .env file worked! Thank you!

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what token value should we update here

VERIFY_TOKEN is in the .env file in the Glitch project. On the Facebook messenger side, it’s the token value pictured in the above screenshot.

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thank you for quick reply . it worked

thanks worked.
Also for access token