Remixing Projects: Name already in use

Hey there. When you remix a project and want to use the name it had before, it gives you the error Another project has that name. Is there a way to fix this?


Hello @L3g3nd4ryD3v ,
As far as I know, you can put the same, but for that you will have to delete the name of the old project!

I’ve been trying to delete, create new, but it still gives you “Another project has that name”. So you gotta rename all the time before you remix to make sure it’s not in use?

I just finished testing it with an old project that I had here, and it really doesn’t work, that may be because I can reactivate old projects, and if I reactivate they come with the same name.

How could you permanently delete them so you can use the name again?

And I just found a solution, for that you have to revive the project in which it already had the name, change its name to a random one, then eliminate, and finally and change the name to the right project!

If you are having problems, contact me privately!

Got it, thanks for your help.

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