Remove - Custom Domain . **www.Corwin.Cf**

Hey @cori , One of my bots seems to be on a banned host, the project name is “Corwin”

error :

That doesnt look like a banned host, probably a wrong token. Follow the instructions in Discord Ban mega-thread the second! (Discord bot / Something took too long to do) to check if it is a banned host.

Hey there @hamzaeser,

As @advaith mentioned, follow the instructions in Discord IP-Ban, however, it is unlikely that your IP has been banned by the Discord since the error is different in your case.
It seems that you’ve provided or supplied wrong bot token or the request header is not prefixed with ‘Bot’ which is essential to connect to the Discord API.

Thanks and cheers!

Hey @hamzaeser I can confirm that we have no banned hosts right now.

hey @cori , Let me remix my project.

you delete the domain.

Hey , I would like to request my domains and ** www.Corwin.Cf** domains to be removed from Glitch’s end and ’s. I am not sure which of my glitch projects has those domains attached.

After deleting my project, I couldn’t do it again. ** www.Corwin.Cf **

If you have set up your domains from, you will have to manually remove it from the site yourself.
Make sure to login to the site then head to and you can manage the domain from there!

I’ve removed from its associated project again.