Remove Domain ""

Please Remove my domain “” @cori

Hey @Zach,

Provide your project name along with/in the description of the topic, so that the Staff members can search for the project easily and remove your custom domain by confirmation.

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@cori Please remove the domain “” from your service.

Hey folks, let’s please keep it civil on all sides here.

@zach it’s definitely easier for us if we have the domain, but I’ll dig up the project you’ve associated this domain with and remove it - I’ll let you know when that’s done.

The domain is “” Okay, thank you. @cori The domain could possibly be that it could be associated with.

Ha, I guess that was a little unclear - I meant the project’s domain / name.

I’ve removed that domain and also, which seemed like you’d also want it removed from the same deleted project it was associated with.

Cool. Thanks Cori. Thank You.

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