Remove harsh, thick borders in dark mode (new editor)

I like the new purple in the sidebar. But I think the hard borders around the bottom and top navs, search, buttons, plus around the top right menu that comes out from the avatar need to go. The softer lines used for the light theme are just fine, and should be used in dark mode as well.

If you look at how other big sites use dark mode (Github, Gmail) they rely on softer lines and shades, not high contrast, which just ends up hurting people’s eyes and defeats the purpose.

I personally like how retro it looks. You can try “fixing” it yourself using Stylus for chrome or ff in the meantime.

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It may be a personal preference to an extent, but iframes aren’t something most people want to bring back, from a design standpoint. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up on Stylus though - I’ll check that out.