Remove help of points

I think the glitch should remove help points. There no of the need of it. You cant even use it for anything. And of the raise hand feature was deleted.

The help feature can’t be removed. Glitch added the help feature to put boundaries around what people can do in the future. Such as, custom domains. Removing them would make it harder for them to handle all the domains. If there was a domain for EVERY user, we wouldn’t have a one domain crises at a time, we would at least 5 or 6.

Can’t you still make multiple accounts and give yourself “thanks”?

Like if my email is then goes to the same email account

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This has been an issue for quite a while. Glitch should be updating that soon. A pretty simple fix is IPs.


VPNs exist?


It already has been. Custom Domains are available for all.

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I am talking about help points.

Well, there is no reason to have them anymore as custom domains don’t need them, so I guess we could get rid

There are already scripts that detect VPNs. Netflix uses the script.


You can still thank someone in the editor like:


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Yeah, but I don’t see the point so they could get rid of them. Maybe it’s just to show appreciation? @jenn?


It’s still quite a nice thing to show off :slight_smile:


We still have domain issues.

What does that have to do with ‘thanks’/‘help points’?

You need 2 to get custom domains. More domains, more problems.

No, you don’t.

Maybe add it back and lower the requirement to one. That way, we cut the topics about it by 99%!

Can’t you just make your own VPN?