Remove my Domain:

Could someone please remove the domain: from and from Glitch. I have a feeling the projects it could be attached to could be:

This was actually associated with and has been deleted.

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Okay, thank you. and I just noticed that :slight_smile:

Deeply, Appreciate it.

How can I do a custom domain with HTTPS support? On glitch. Because I just did the Custom Domain button, and I put in the details into freenom. but how do I make it HTTPS rather than http?

and, if I have to register the domain on to do that, could you please then remove the domain from:


I’m not sure exactly what you mean. HTTPS support should Just Work™ with a custom domain - for example is completely handled through the custom domain feature in glitch (aside from the CNAME at my registrar).

What part of it’s not working for you?

Nothing is not working, it is just when I go to: it dosn’t work for me at

Hmmm. I see the same thing at both of those urls. What do you see in an incognito window?