Removing custom domain [wwou-old]

I recently remixed my project as the old project container did not want to work, however, now I have my domain stuck on my old project wwou-old. Can I have my custom domain removed from the old project? Thanks!

Please contact us by email
Or have you already contacted us but haven’t got a reply for a few days?

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@LuciferianThomas, if you deleted the old project that contained the custom domain, please un-delete it!

Then send a request for a removal

I did not delete it, it is just left there

Okay, that’s good because they can’t un associate a custom domain with a project, when it is deleted

It’s been a few days and no response from the team through email @Glitch_Response please help (same info as above)


Hi! I’m sorry that we didn’t get to this sooner! I just removed the custom domain from our system. There is a bug that is interfering with some users adding custom domains to their glitch projects right now, but the team is looking into it. So you may want to wait until that is resolved before trying to link that custom domain to any of your projects.

I can give you an update here once it is fixed. For others following along, we will also provide an update on this in other threads where it is being discussed.


UPDATE: The bug that was causing glitch users to receive an error message when adding a custom domain should now be fixed!

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