Removing .gitignore

I removed the .gitignore isn’t all the ignored files supposed to come back?

That’s not really how .gitignore works…

The ignored content was never saved in the first place, so there’s no way to bring it back.

I don’t want to get your hopes high, but there might be a possibility that @glitch_support has a backup they can rollback to.

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Oh it’s okay. I’m fine with it, I’ll just redo the code was nothing

No, I think you can get your gitignored files back by typing


and then run refresh to see all your files back.

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That does not make sense, as ! is a logical operator :thinking: And the ignored files were never commited or staged in the first place so I don’t see how that can have been saved into the git directory in the first place. The only logical way I see it would be that Glitch has an external backup somewhere that they can rollback to.

@ihack2712, typing !<FILE> un-gitignores the files. We’re talking about Glitch, right?

Where would you be typing this?

In the .gitignore file.


Like that ^^^^

Make sure to run refresh in the console after that.

Ah, you referring to the the .gitignore file! That is still not going to get back files that had been deleted or unstaged. The ! operator in a gitignore file basically means to re-include.

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Sorry, I thought you were talking about un-gitignoring gitignored files. Nevermind.

No worries, the context was misunderstood, that happens :smiley: