Removing www. from site?

Hi, is there anyway of removing www. from my site?

Hey @Daksh777 as far as I can tell isn’t hosted on Glitch at the moment, but it appears to be using If that’s the case we here at Glitch can’t do much to help, but the folks over at Fly are super-friendly and would be happy to help you out.

For a starting point, and are completely separate addresses from the perspective, and each would need to be set up with Fly separately. Once you have set up over there you’ll need to make changes to your DNS records to get the new address pointed at your site, similar to what you had to do to get configured correctly. I think we’ve discussed elsewhere what the differences between DNS configuration for an “apex” domain (without the www) and a subdomain (with the www) are; you should keep that in mind when making these changes.