Renamed project, unchanged $PROJECT_NAME/DOMAIN

Hello, Glitch. I noticed a bug in Glitch. I recently renamed my Glitch to wawaos, however both in the Terminal and/or in the code itself the environment var $PROJECT_DOMAIN (and/or also $PROJECT_NAME). Here’s a few screenshots to get the idea around.
link #1
link #2
The weird thing is, Terminal also says app@rune-cuddly-place is the project’s domain/name while the actual one is wawaos

If you’re asking, renaming threw an error in the JS console so I renamed it using requests.patch("[PROJECT ID]", json={"domain": "wawaos"}, headers={"authorization": "[AUTH ID]"}). Maybe that’s causing a syncing problem? Maybe I’ll have to wait a day so that the project name is shared all across my Glitch?

Can’t share more than 2 links in one message so have link #3

did this work? the authorization should need a token that’s not the project ID

i forgor to replace the [PROJECT ID] censoring with something else :person_facepalming:

So basically I open DevTools, then take a look at the CORS-blocked request and see the project ID and auth ID for Authorization

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Oop, had wait until today. I checked the Terminal again, now it shows wawaos just like link #3 did.