'Report Abuse' for private projects

Hi there everyone!
We’ve had a few topics here about Abusive Projects and most of the time they are advised to click the ‘Report Abuse’ button on the project page. This works, unless the project is private. You can’t get to the project page. My idea is to allow you to see that a private project exists (currently a message appears saying the project doesn’t exist and may be a typo, even though it does exist) like other public projects, just don’t allow over users to view the source, user who made it and readme so the project is still private. This means people will have the ‘Report Abuse’ button to click and won’t have to email support@glitch.com.

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Thanks for reading

but this could also lead to problems, cause if someone can get your project name. They might do bad things


I would love this! Thanks for bringing this up.


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Like when the private project page appears, the project embed can be blurred with text on top saying “Project is private” or similar and allowing option to only view the live app.


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We allready know if a project exists or not because we can go to the project URL to see. So the “it doesn’t exist” doesn’t actually provide a good coverup for private projects.

With that in mind, it makes basic sense to display a 403 but add a report button to the bottom left.