Request: Add "blank project" as an option for new projects

The “New project” button comes with 5 different starter projects which is fantastic but more often than not I want to start from scratch. Having to delete all the starter files (especially on a laptop) is a chore that sometimes stops me from starting new projects on a whim.

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Hi there, thanks for the request - I’ve moved this to Feature Ideas so others can vote.

I know this isn’t exactly your request, but if you go to the /discover page you’ll see that most of the starters have “blank” versions which will save you a bunch of deleting. Hope this helps, and I’ll still share your original request with the team, of course!

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This is a great feature to vote for!

I did go there looking but didn’t notice that link the first time. Thanks, that’s pretty much what I’m after!

I agree with your idea. I think including a link to ‘blank’ starters within the menu would be better. The menu could be made wider to accommodate more copy, if not just include separate links for the 2 starters in each category.

I’d like to add that once you have a blank starter you’re happy with, you can keep it, give it a good name, and then use it as the Remix basis for your future projects. This is even easier with

For example, I made empty-web and ste-vue and remix them using etc.


Just wondering, does the glitch editor have emmet abbreviations like vscode?

Not quite but, if you click on the keyboard icon at the bottom right of the editor, you’ll get a pop-up list of various keyboard shortcuts.

You can also create a .prettierrc file with the options you want, since the editor has built-in Prettier support: Options · Prettier. If you click the ‘prettier’ button at the top of the editor, while you’re viewing source, it will format based on Prettier defaults, plus whatever options (overrides) you set.

You can remix this project: simple-blank-project

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If I recall correctly, Emmet used to exist on Glitch for a while before it was removed again due to performance issues.

This exists, but I’m not sure if it still works:

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