Request: preinstall SBCL with containers

Hi there! I would please like to request the availability of a preinstalled SBCL, arguably the most popular Common Lisp runtime, in Glitch containers.

The particular reason I’m asking for SBCL is that I’m trying to get Maxima to work, a computer algebra system based in Common Lisp. Maxima is a powerful learning tool for both linear algebra and programming, and it could go hand in hand with Glitch to further make such accessible.

I specifically chose SBCL because it’s what I see the most recommended for all Common Lisp use cases, particularly for maxima-jupyter, and due to issues that popped along the way (see the thread). While trying to compile SBCL is feasible, it’s an extremely slow process of about half an hour in a project container and it consumes more than 50MB of storage, which quickly runs out when also installing QuickLisp (a package manager for Common Lisp), Maxima and Jupyter (which provides documents with embedded code as well as Markdown, plots, etc.). Installing the interpreter from the package manager would provide much needed storage for this particular use case, but also for all people interested in Common Lisp.

In Ubuntu, the package is called sbcl.

Hey, has this been evaluated and considered? It would be helpful for me to know since having it available by this week would be pretty handy. Thanks in advance!

Hi @xerz, i’m just pinging this topic so everyone can see it :slight_smile:


This wouldn’t be a bad idea.