Request to add to CSP or switch to it

Currently the recaptcha services used on Glich is via However Google services are banned in China. Luckily we can access I think that is Google’s official website, though I don’t have absolute proof.

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It is a Google domain

But, if the domain is undocumented, I find it unlikely that any sites will change to it. Plus, it is very easy for that domain to be blocked in the future anyway.

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An alternative would be to move to a different service, such as HCaptcha


are there domains that are somehow hard to block?

I found this because I’m using Header Editor, a browser extension, to redirect to However the CSP meta tag in HTML forbids requests to

It’s :ok: to remain current status. I can use the extension to modify HTTP response to remove CSP as well. Your concern is right, I should probably do this on client side.

As of domains that are hard to block, I don’t think there is a way. People depend on ISP, which can do lots of things, to use internet from home.

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