[Resolved] Activity Log Working?

Has something changed when using Logs? When I start a new project using “hello-webpage” and show the initial setup the Logs display does not include “hi” that is in the default script.js.

Is there something else I need to do to enable displaying console.log output?

Nope, everything is okay for me

This is what I got:

I don’t know why I’m getting these GET messages and no “hi”.

I’m asking the wrong question. I am getting the console output in Chrome developer tools. But on other projects the Glitch Activity Log has included the console.log output. Is there something about those projects that enable this?

Found it: The Activity Log includes console.log from scripts when the project is started from “hello-express”. I was using “hello-webpage”. I guess there are different services behind the scenes when the alternate templates are used.

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