[Resolved] API and project hosting latencies

Alright gamers,
Is anyone’s project editor being slow today?

  • :heart: Will
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^^^ A little bit of an outage today.

Hey gamer :grin: , I think it’s back now.

Hello fellow gamers!


I was working on my project and it stopped working. Then, it stopped loading when I use the show button.
I even used an old version of the code that I know for sure it was working… but the same problem remain.
Currently I can even find my project.

I have a feeling glitch is down!

You would be right. Check status.glitch.com.

Projeme girdiğimde uzun bir süre açılmadı ve domainim bağlı oyuzden remixliyemiyorum yardımcı olur musunuz ?


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thank you. I didn’t check there

Glitch sorunların farkında.

Recently, when I attempted to open one of my glitch projects, named ach-bot, I’ve received a little popup telling me it wasn’t possible.


I’ve tried refreshing the page & opening it on a new tab and it doesn’t seem to open, any suggestions on how to fix this?


Glitch is still having issues, try to wait it out.

See the glitch status.


Ekran Alıntısı

How can I solve this problem? Can you help me please

Glitch is having issues for all I know.

Yes ^^, see the glitch status, for more information.