[Resolved] API delays and drop in project container availability

@tasha Actually, no. I think it’s recently made projects, cause the one I made today shows the error;

However another is fine


the same problem I hope this fixes as soon as possible

site is not work? just a white screen

oh well he’s back :slight_smile:

cross-posting from status.glitch.com:

We have received reports that this may also be affecting account creation/login. If clearing your browser cache does not fix the issue, it is most likely incident-related and will be resolved once everything is back up and running.

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@tasha Maybe the terminal is down on specific containers/ips? Cause one of my projects can run it and one can’t

its been a day and I can’t acces glitch

This still happening, why sometime in the month, api gets drunk, and decide to sleep, and is Amazon responsible for this, since they provide the SSL Certificates, and I assume they host all glitch projects?

@HeemPlayz Yes, AWS hosts the projects. But, their status page shows no issues so I think this an error with Glitch, not them

Well, you are right about this.

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Glitch has to keep up and fix these spikes! Its messing with the performance! I can’t afford for my bot to go offline for a day and loose 3 servers my bot is in!


Latency was really slow earlier. I wonder what has been causing this.

Very frustrating how frequently glitch has issues, I just boosted my apps thinking it would help
It didn’t
$96 down the drain


@glitch_support @tasha this is pretty urgent now. Projects won’t load at all…


@glitch_support Are you fixing it? Is that why it now comes up with maintenance?

stuck in Maintenance loop

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We want to test if reducing traffic will help, which involves temporarily shutting down some projects to see if the rest respond better. We’re monitoring results of that and will slowly bring the rest of the projects back as we keep investigating.


I’m wondering if this has to do with how glitch may have not been designed to handle so much people. The amount of people using glitch has increased significantly(I think) since boosts arrived and maybe the glitch team might have not planned to have so much people using glitch at this point.

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@tasha Do you have a time-frame for how long this may take? I mean, at least you’re trying something, but some people rely on the uptime of this service. For example, Discord Bots or they have code to check they got right, like me

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If you are just testing you can run it locally. For my big project I keep a copy on my computer and have a specialized system for uploading to glitch.