[Resolved] API latency affecting project container availability

We are investigating an issue that is causing a drop in project container availability. Some projects may not be loading at this time. For updates go to status.glitch.com.


Do you know what caused it @tasha

We thought so, but we are now investigating some additional issues.

During this time, projects may work intermittently - and we are really sorry about that! We will continue to work on this until we can get things stabilized. Once that happens, I’ll update status.glitch.com and remove the banner here.


Also when I try and access a project, it says “Maintenance” in the title.

I wish the glitch team good luck fixing this issue. Waiting for it to be fixed so I can check out Jenn’s 8 bit art website

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@tasha I keep having the problem that my bots are down, when it appears from the site that the problem is solved

I’m sorry about that @Sonostrano20! The recurrence of the incident has been unexpected and frustrating! It is also the reason that we marked the incident as “resolved” twice; only to find that the site was still having issues.

I can’t promise that the service interruptions will stop. However, I can promise you that we will continue to investigate, respond and retrospect when things like this happen. Every time we do this, we learn more about how to prevent future issues.

I would say that if anyone has specific and immediate concerns related to the downtime, you can contact us via support@glitch.com.

@tasha at one point, kidz.glitch.me was down for a while.

Here’s something weird that happended. I was unable to wake up anyone’s project by simply visiting it. I ended up with a loading screen that refreshed a lot faster than normal. I decided to open the editor and there, the bot loaded.
I suppose it could have been just plain luck that the app loaded when I openned the editor.

@tasha Looks like the Project Container Availability has gone down to 0 at status.glitch.com


why is there no sign in buttons in glitch login page

its kinda of annoying that I can’t code

mmmmmmm i think there updating something or fixing api see status

For the time being, try this:

but when I try that there is an server error because I use my google account