[RESOLVED] Are there backups? My project folder is empty after the outage today


My project loads in the editor but all the files are missing. Are there are any backups?


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Hi @siddiqaa,

We’re sorry for the inconvenience :frowning: yes, we’ve backups. What’s the project name?

Hi @etamponi. Thanks for the quick response. Project name is complex-chance but I was able to use the remix feature to get the information loaded into a new project - that should be sufficient - let me check to see if there’s anything missing from the remix and backup restore may not be needed - thanks

@etamponi The remix has all the information required so no backup needed :slight_smile:

Cool :slight_smile: glad it worked! Anyway, if the remix has everything, then I am pretty sure complex-chance should be working too :slight_smile:

Sorry again for the inconvenience!
Happy Glitching!

No problem - was not critical - thanks - yes complex-chance is back also :slight_smile: