[resolved][bug?]rewinding old user's stuff?


wtf, why does this appear?
the project was deleted.
idk if old user’s history should appear at this place,
staff, please give me a valid reason why it should

project url: https://glitch.com/edit/#!/silvery



The Rewind feature uses the project’s git repo for its history. When you remix a project we take the most recent snapshot of the project and “restore” it to a new location. So whatever history was in the project when it was remixed will carry over into the new project.

If you want to remove that from your project you can use the console to delete the .git folder, and Glitch will recreate it when it tries to take the next Checkpoint. Just know that you’ll lose all of your history as well should you choose to do that.

Hope that helps explain things!


By the way, we wrote about this previously in https://medium.com/glitch/celebrating-the-creative-process-warts-and-all-342336679d19.

But maybe there’s something else you’re concerned with? If so let me know and I’ll see if I can allay your concerns.