RESOLVED: Container unable to access API

Update from Glitch support:

I opened a ticket and Glitch was able to confirm they do block GitLab IPs, here’s the message I received:

…sometimes we have to block outbound requests to certain IP addresses due to of reports of abuse - and I can confirm that we are blocking requests to a number of Gitlab IPs for that reason.

It does make sense that this happens, there are some bad apples out there that probably abuse services to the point of having to be blocked, just a bummer for hosting this specific app I made on Glitch.

If I receive any additional info, I’ll update here as well.


Hi there!

I have an application that uses the GitLab api, and it seems that my Glitch container doesn’t have access to or their respective API urls as well.

When I go into the terminal, I am unable to curl any page on the GitLab domain, even the api endpoint I need to complete authentication.

Does Glitch have any denied access restrictions to GitLab? Or vice versa from the GitLab side? My application runs locally fine, I was just hoping to be able to host on Glitch instead of having to build out infra somewhere else.



Hi @immannino!
I’m not aware of GitLab or limitations to do with it. What errors do you get in the console when you curl the api? If you do think it has been limited you can email or create a ticket on Happyfox and they can look into this further
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I have used Github’s API in the past, and I will assume Gitlab’s is pretty much the same.

Can you try changing your user agent in cURL?

ie curl -A "useragent"

Hi there!

Thanks for the reply, I went back and curl’d again with verbose logs and have attached a screenshot of whats happening. It seems like the connection is either refused on the GitLab side, or not able to get out on the Glitch side (I’m assuming the former, I saw some threads on GitLab about their IP blocking).

I’ll definitely reach out to support and see if I can get any additional help, thank you for the suggestion!

This might be related to Cannot "git pull" anymore from Gitlab: "connection timeout" :confused:


Well, that’s really problematic for my team… :confused:
We have a Glitch member paid plan ( for our applications and are using Gitlab for all our development work. We are now unable to pull from our repos and update our boosted applications.
@glitch_support, could you expand on how Gitlab is creating more charge than Github ?

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You’re looking for @glitch_support not @Glitch_Response :slight_smile: As I said before, you are more likely to get a response via email (
Hope this helps!

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:+1: Thanks @EddiesTech

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Update with answer from

A couple months ago, the decision was made to discontinue the GitLab and BitBucket integrations. The reasons were:

  • There was a significant increase in the rate of import fails from these platform when compared to GitHub.
  • The use of GitLab and BitBucket with Glitch projects was very low compared to GitHub.

So, currently the feature will only work with GitHub.

I am sorry that you wont be able to use GitLab with Glitch moving forward. If you would like to take a moment to explain why you prefer working with GitLab instead of GitHub, I will be sure to give this feedback to our Product Team.



Really sorry about that!

But to answer tasha’s question, is there a reason you prefer gitlab more? Just wondering.

I want to answer this too.

  1. GitLab had a much more generous private repos offering, much earlier. We have our collaborators signed up for GitLab, and now the network effects are at play.
  2. GitLab’s CI system is built on widely used technologies like Docker, and it overall feels a lot less vendor-lock-in-y than GitHub Actions.
  3. GitLab has better code search, kinda. I just really don’t like GitHub’s “showing top 2 results from this file” and they’re both in some comments at the top :laughing:
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UPDATE May 7th, 2021 - Looks like this was randomly resolved!

I tested my app again yesterday and was able to access the GitLab api with no problems. I am guessing at some point in the last year this was resolved or fixed for anyone who is unaware!