[Resolved] Currently investigating reports of projects not loading

Hi all - just wanted to let y’all know that we’re currently investigating reports coming in of projects not loading. We’ll post updates to status.glitch.com as they come.


I am not sure if this is related to this, but something caused to revert some of the projects to older versions and this happened to other people too.

Projects are loading just fine but the editor is failing to start.


Half of the buttons on your homepage aren’t there either. The website doesn’t let you login by sending an email code- it just keeps cycling.


welp, the API just went down to 0 again :roll_eyes:

I’m guessing it’s a lot of trial and error. They could have deployed a version of the api and then realized oops this one has an error and then find something like a typo.
I wish the glitch team good luck fixing the incident tonight

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I’m not sure how they managed to screw up considering that they have a 3 different development environments used for developing and testing n’ stuff:

Anyway, Glitch is doing a good job! Errors and outages like this isn’t the blame of one person, it’s because of a bunch of poor decisions over time that has led to this.


For some reason, when I made the above post, I couldn’t see this topic, so I’ll drop it here :slight_smile:

At least the status page looks beautiful and active:



What’s all the gaps?

I think it’s all the times when the status page couldn’t get a response from the server, not even 404s or 502s.


The gaps are when the API got to 0%

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Surely the chart should just go down to 0 instead of having gaps!

No, it isn’t. If the API goes down to 0, then when we hover over the point in the graph, we see 0%.

Good news!

“A fix has been implemented and we are monitoring the results.”
- Glitch



XSS is disabled :stuck_out_tongue:


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I spelt it wrong :joy:

It isn’t.