[Resolved] Custom domains not working / showing "an unknown error has occurred" message

Updated Message 14-Sep-2020

There is a bug right now that is interfering with our api connection to our custom domain partner, fly.io.

Engineers on both sides are aware and we are working on a fix now. Once it is resolved, I will post an update here.

If you have sent us a support request about removing a custom domain, I will notify you via your support ticket when this is fixed!


Okay. Domains still wont link and im getting Bad Gateway errors. Is this the cause? (Only on my custom domains https://resources.agiliro.gq/)

Yeah probably is the cause @milanmdev


kk. Thanks!

No problem bud!

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Why do so many bugs happen on glitch!? Literally just one new one appeared 2 minutes ago :expressionless:

Hey @no_one,

This is a fair question, but if you would like to discuss bugs overall on Glitch, please do so via a post via the Feedback category.

That way we can keep the conversation here on topic and make sure folks who are affected by this bug in particular can get the updates they need.


Tasha, would be it possible to add postmortem reports on status.glitch.com every time an incident is over so that the community can be kept informed why the incident happened?



Thanks for bringing this up. Can you please move your post to the Feature Request category?


I’m unable to add a custom domain to my project which I desperately need to do. :sob:
When I try to add the custom domain I get this.

Any help?

Please mail support@glitch.com or get a token from glitch.happyfox.com.


It might be because of this:

This is completely unrelated to that. :stuck_out_tongue:


Eh, I just thought that because the API wasn’t working.

Thanks, I’ve contacted them, hopefully they respond soon! :grinning:


I’m sorry that you are getting this error! This is actually related as we are having trouble connecting via the fly api. For this reason, I have merged your post here so that you will be notified once this is fixed.


Hi @tasha
Have you ever looked into alternatives to fly.io that could help you set up your reverse proxy domains thing? Or make your own software to do so, like @ihack2712’s ‘Glix’? Fly.io have said you are using deprecated features of their service, so it might be time for a change.

It seems to me that you are kinda placing all the stress on fly.io when they don’t get much benefit from it. Have you ever thought about the possibility that fly.io may not be the best partner and may not fix everything for you. Mind you, I don’t know how the partnership works


An in house system wouldn’t be a bad idea, just not sure if that would mess up all the current custom domains.


its technically is possible with their current system, they might have to tweak it a bit but they already use reverse proxies from the *.glitch.me domain to port 3000 on (what im guessing is) a docker container. it would break all custom domains, but they could keep legacy support for old custom domains still under fly.io

Support can once again remove custom domains from projects! If you are currently experiencing any of the following, please contact support via the Help Center:

  • Custom domain that was working suddenly stopped working
  • You are trying to add a custom domain to your project and you get a “this domain is already in use” message.
  • You are trying to add a custom domain your project and you get an “an unknown error has occurred” message.

Folks who have already sent in support requests about this will receive a response shortly!