[Resolved] Discord js RichEmbed inline not working?

 const embed = new Discord.RichEmbed()
                .setAuthor(`Hibiki | 響`, client.user.avatarURL)
                .addField(`Version`, `1.0`, true)
                .addField(`Node JS`, `8.11.3`, true)
                .addField(`Library`, `[discord.js](https://discord.js.org/#/)`, true)
                .addField(`Uptime`, `${uptime}`, true)
                .addField(`Servers`, `${client.guilds.size}`, true)
                .addField(`Users`, `${client.users.size}`, true)
                .addField(`Website`, `[hibikimoe.xyz](https://hibikimoe.xyz/)`, true)
                .addField(`Discord`, `[hibikimoe.xyz/discord](https://discord.gg/NNwzMm)`, true)
                .addField(`Invite`, `[Not available yet](https://discord.gg/NNwzMm)`, true)
                .addField(`Developer`, `Steve2312#0431`, true)
                .setFooter("Prefix: ! | This bot is still under construction", "https://a.ppy.sh/5414370_1530431526.jpeg")

So I have this code and im expecting it to be inline but it isnt.
I only get this problem on Glitch though. On my pc it’s working perfectly fine.

When I host the bot on my computer. The result is:

Can I please know how to fix this?

I can’t think of any particular reason it’d work differently when on Glitch than elsewhere. Is it possible you’re using a different version of the module locally than on Glitch?

I copy-pasted my original package.json directly in glitch. So I don’t think a different module is the case here.
I also tried making a new project but it doesn’t seem to work there as well.

Maybe you have the 11.4 version which has that bug, try rollback the discord.js version using pnpm i discord.js@11.3.2 and see if it works, also if u have in your package.json smth like discord.js: "^11.3" the ^ symbol means that it can be update when run npm i

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Thank you for reminding me! I have updated discord.js to 11.4.1 and that did the trick!