[Resolved] Glitch project containers not working/slow

Hi, we’ve seen reports of Glitch apps being slow or not working, but they appear to be stable now. We are monitoring status and appreciate your patience as we investigate what happened!

I’ll be moving reporting threads in here, in case you created one and wonder why your post was moved.


I cant reach any of my projects whether it be static or non static projects. I got 502 errors on them. Any help please ?

problem was occured 1/21/2022 around 3pm and now it is solved

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sort of same problem on mine. Still not sure if it’s glitch’s end.

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it was on glitch’s end but now i can access my projects

my https://alphacity.glitch.me/ is giving me a 504 somehow even though it’s a static website. Is there an outage?

edit 1: site seems to be up but it’s very slow.

edit 2: I dont know why but it seems to be working normally now.

edit 3: its slow again.

Glitch servers are very slow and couldnt add CUSTOM DOMAINS

Judging by the most recent forum threads, it looks like Glitch is having a partial outage at the moment. Please wait patiently for an administrator to resolve the problem.

Good thing it’s not only me. My projects open but as soon as I do something like going into a css file and changing the background color of something the whole page stops responding.

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