Resolved , I deleted my project!


I mistakenly deleted my project named Pikachu.
Please restore it and revert it back to 8:00 am GMT 5:30+ indian time zone


Hi @ArunKapil01,

You can undelete it yourself at you can go to your profile page and at the bottom of the page you can toggle the view of deleted projects, and restore them.


I don’t get anything there and i am on android currently can you help me ??? @etamponi


I undeleted it for you. It is called pikachu-deleted now, but you can rename it back to pikachu.


Hmm i can’t find any project named pikachu-deleted , also did you reverted it back to 8:00am GMT 5:30+ @etamponi




I am on android mate


I am really not understanding what should change if you are on android… you should be able to access everything just fine… Please be a bit more clear about what you are seeing and not seeing, otherwise it is very difficult to help you.

I’ve already restored the pikachu project, the only difference is its name. I really don’t know what else I can try if you are not more precise, sorry :frowning:


did you can revert it back to state of 8:00 am GMT 5:30+ too??


Yes, restored to Mon Mar 26 2018 02:26:17 GMT+0000 (UTC) :slight_smile:


I still can’t find that project :persevere: idk why ,can you send me a link to it in dm/private message sir :slightly_smiling_face: also found the way to see deleted project thanks. @etamponi


I just got error project not found at pikachu-deleted , that’s why asking you for a link!! Also sorry i want you to revert it back to 26 march 8:00 am GMT 5:30+


It’s reverted to 26 March 8:00 AM GMT+5:30, that is 2:30 AM GMT+0:00, I think you don’t see it because you’ve to log in…


I logged in to my Profile on sir , please send me a link to it in message btw!!


The project seems to be owned by an user named Aryan10 in Glitch. If you don’t see it in your profile page, I have no guarantees that you are actually that user. To prove it, send an email to from the email address you used to log in in Glitch through GitHub, so that I can verify you are the owner of the project.


Hmm last time i given him permission but je did bad things to my discord bot then after it ,maybe he removed me from the project so that’s why my project was deleted can you check the old owner of that project! That is me for real!


@etamponi i can’t send you an email because i am not that Aryan 10 .
I can tell you what happened that user send me a message that he will help again in my project so i given him an invite link but after that he removed me and deleted my project.
The time during which he become owner of my project is 26 March 8:48 AM you can check it. :slightly_smiling_face:. After 8:51+ am he might deleted my project :slightly_frowning_face:


Ok @ArunKapil01,

I am sorry about what happened to your project.

I’ll make sure I check this tomorrow when I get back to work! Sorry for the delay.

UPDATE: sent him a private join link.