[Resolved] Login & Signup is down

Tried to visit https://glitch.com/~<project-name>, But it seems like it’s not loaded:

Also tried to visit using Proxy Browser(Puffin), got same result:

Checked status page but nothing:

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Are we the only one who got this problem?

Whenever I go to any project page - static, generated and dynamic - I get this page:

Refreshing doesn’t fix the issue.
I then tried in an incognito tab abd am getting the same situation as you, the project never loading.

I have an impression that something really went wrong :male_detective:


whatever it was, it seems to have been resolved unless i’m terribly wrong.

still cant login :slightly_frowning_face:

Yep, everything’s working for me as well.

Some of you maybe working, But seems like other can’t.

I still can’t log in.

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Can’t log in with GitHub or username, wierd!

Odd, works for me. I’m on a chromebook right now.

if you log out you would not be able to log in i think

Hello! We believe that we have fixed the issue. We will leave our status page at Monitoring until we fully confirm that everything is working as expected again! If you still have an issue logging in, please send us a support request.


Even after the fix, I still can’t log in.


Thanks for letting us know! I have received similar reports and have passed the info back to the team investigating this. I will post another update here once I learn more.

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Okay, thanks!

@mmccall0813 we made some additional adjustments. Can you please try logging in again and let us know if it works for you now?

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