RESOLVED: Login with password and email magic link are not working at the moment

Our team is working to fix an issue that is causing an error when logging in via password and the email magic link option. As soon as it is resolved, we will provide an update.

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Always got “Something went very wrong, try refreshing?” no matter what.

Same here, can’t login with email/password. @glitch_support

Same here. From, when I click on “Email Magic Link” or “Password,” I get a blank page that just says “Something went very wrong, try refreshing?” When I then refresh, I just wind up back on, as if nothing happened.

I’m sorry that folks are getting this error when trying to login! Recently, we updated our system so that more frequently, users will be automatically logged out due to inactivity.

Please try using the instructions in this help article:
I’m getting an error when I try logging in…

If that does not help, then please send us a support request so that we can help you further.

In the meantime, I will do some testing to see if there is some other issue on our side that is causing the error. If I find something, I will post an update here.

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Okay I see that there is definitely something wrong with both the password and email magic link option. I will notify the team and keep testing.


Hi all,

The bug has been fixed and you should now be able to login using password or email magic link. If you continue to see issues, please send us a support request.