[Resolved] Missing file for pnpm?

When my project tries to auto-start, I get this in status:

ERROR  ENOENT: no such file or directory, lstat '/rbd/pnpm-volume/84d40e18-d3ea-482d-8c96-5056da8a1305/node_modules/.registry.npmjs.org/node/10.12.0/node_modules/node/bin'

Works with no error with npm start in the console.
Any ideas? Autostart would be nice

This is a discord bot (discord.js) btw

We’d need to see the full error to be able to help. Let us know the project name and we’ll take a look. If your project is private, either make it public temporarily or DM me a join link so we can view the code. Thanks.

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Never mind, looks like it’s just an issue with dependencies or something like that. It autostarts fine now!